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Posted on December 6th 2011 by
The weather here in Boston has been unpredictable as of late, which makes it complicated to get dressed in the morning. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that feels like they have a closet full of clothes but still can’t find anything to wear. Personally I have certain pieces that I can’t live without and wear all the time. Its sort of ridiculous when I stumble upon pieces I have yet to wear with the price tags still on them. While out shopping I’ve been OBSESSED with floppy felt floppy hats, fur, sheer chiffon tops and maxi dresses, trousers, chunky sweaters, and suede or leather booties. I can’t get enough of the eclectic street style in Stockholm!



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I totally agree!! Sometimes I’m going crazy in the morning unable to find an outfit. This weather is great but it’s confusing my style. Great looks girl. That first pic looks like a top from ASOS and I have one on it’s way to me now!!

Ditto! Luckily we haven’t been hit with any snow! I can’t get enough of Stockholm Street Style! The first picture reminds me of a chiffon high-low dress I have from LF!

such great inspiration, love all the pics