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Posted on January 13th 2012 by
We’ve got a devil on our shoulder and its called “HELLBOUND” more accurately it’s a devil on the foot. Badass doesn’t even to begin to describe Christine of Christeric and UNIF in the Morrison Moto Pants, paired with a sheer vintage button-down, Alexander Wang x Linda Farrow mirrored shades and a chain mail vest that we’d give up our firstborn for. The Hellbounds are 100% handmade, matte black distressed leather, monster size 10 zippers, and the perfect no-arch so you can stomp around in them all day. They come with 3 pairs of laces; black, off-white, and rainbow. My Hellbounds finally arrived! I’m never wearing any other shoes again.



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Like Lita’s on steroids!!!

I can’t wait for mine to arrive! They are absolutely beautiful! 🙂