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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of Vogue

Posted on March 22nd 2014 by
Hell has officially frozen over and Kim Kardashian has finally graced the cover of American Vogue. After much convincing and begging from Kanye, Anna Wintour felt ‘Bound 2’ the thought of a Kimye cover, and, well here it is in all its glory. After months of speculation this isn’t much of a surprise, come on Kanye didn’t waste all that time transforming Kim into a sartorial dresser just for nothing.
The #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple according to Vogue, Kim Kardashian is in what it appears to be a wedding dress while Yeezus is gazing at her detached from any kind of emotion, with the longest hashtag known to digital man plastered across the publication. Is this one big April Fools joke on us all? Are we being trolled by the now power trio? Are we now finally living in Kanye West’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy? Does this cover officially make Kim Kardashian an A-List celebrity? 
While many are ready to cancel their subscription, and feel let down by the highly respected glossy once known as the Bible to fashion fans, meanwhile the others are praising the couple for creating their own history and landing the cover; trying to process this precious highly publicized moment of the soon to be Mr and Mrs. This is the Vogue for the internet age, the one that boasts hashtagged headlines and Kardashian whose background in reality television and sex tapes on its cover; who doesn’t fit in with the fashion bibles more sophisticated content. 
Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, April 2014 

I’m sure it was safer in a way to pair them up as a couple, loyal Vogue readers and fashion fans will still grouse, but at least it can be argued that Kanye has an actual career and an understanding of fashion. In other words, if the issue doesn’t sell to its expectations then Kim Kardashian won’t have to feel Anna Wintours wrath by her lonesome. It makes for a great Instagram picture if you ask me and an epic RT on twitter, but most definitely not an issue you’d archive in your bookshelf. 

In all seriousness it’s a triumph for popular culture many argue, Vogue has finally embraced mass culture and admitting that they are a super market brand. Believe it or not, this could be a good business move and could possibly open another demographic for younger readers to buy and read the magazine. 

Kanye is the second African American male to be featured on the cover, this shouldn’t be such a big deal but the last time Vogue put a black man on the cover, it was in direct reference to King Kong. Yay! – to depictions of interracial couples, and to the fact that people hold on to the idea that fashion should be exclusive and that Vogue magazine holds the key. 

But, why is it really hard to accept Kim Kardashian as an influencer in the fashion industry?

She does look gorgeous and all but, when I think of Kim Kardashian, I don’t think high-fashion. Most importantly, what message are we sending to young woman if it all seems to require to get a Vogue cover is a sex tape, a reality show, and a rich and famous boyfriend?
Regardless, the cover did happen and you’ll have to buy the April issue to see the editors note on what Anna Wintour really thinks of Kim Kardashian.
Will it sell? In the meantime, watch the behind-the-scenes video with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and baby North on the set of the April cover shoot with Annie Leibovitz
What are your thoughts on the #KimyeKover? Tell me everything, leave nothing out. 

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