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Pinstripes and White Sneakers

Posted on March 19th 2014 by
Now, look – I know you’re probably just as sick and tired of hearing about the weather, but there’s no denying that the unpredictable temperatures is getting to us all. Luckily, for the past every other day or so we’ve gotten a little taste of not so winter winter weather. It will feel more like spring soon, in fact it will be spring soon. 
While the entire fashion industry is still discussing ‘Normcore’ – don’t worry we’ll be sharing our thoughts on it too eventually, but for now lets discuss dressers block, which is equivalent to writers block. You know, that feeling when you’re just about not interested in putting together an ensemble or simply wearing anything in your closet because you’ve probably worn it more than enough, all whilst buying a new wardrobe for the next season, but can’t wear any of it yet. Sound familiar? I’m sure. 
For sometime now, I’ve been into pairing the minimalist sneaker with mannish trousers, turtlenecks and leather as seen here and there on the pages of British Vogue. Per usual I always end up wearing black or navy, forgetting that I vowed to incorporate more color into my very dark sartorial wardrobe. It’s an effortless ensemble especially when your mind draws a blank and its all you can think of on a mild afternoon. Believe it or not after searching long and hard for the best fitting pinstripe trousers, I found the Giorgio Armani mannish fit from one of my favorite stores, a designer consignment shop. Since the Adidas ‘Stan Smith’s’ have become extinct and vanished to another fashion planet, I can’t find them anywhere so I’ve settled for the classic pair of Chuck Taylor’s until further notice.  

Marc Jacobs leather jacket, H&M Trend turtleneck bodysuit, Giorgio Armani pinstripe trousers, Alexander Wang Racketeer satchel, Converse chuck Taylor’s, Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

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