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Is the Real Luxury in Shopping Fast Fashion?

Posted on March 12th 2014 by
This comes up almost every season, I know, I know, but still-whenever a new Zara campaign or look book is released for our viewing pleasure, the argument between its clothes and consumers becomes mentionable. I ask, if the choice is a luxury in regard to fashion and Zara in a sense of choice, is the real luxury in shopping fast fashion? 
There’s no denying the fact that Zara, creates the perfect balance between high-street prices  and high-end mused fashion. Its truly an invention thats supplies to consumers to an extent, and we all have to be honest about that demand. Today, everyone wants to wear Céline, Stella McCartney, Givenchy, and Isabel Marant but the reality is that not all of us are privileged enough to afford that every season. With that being said, Zara continues to be current and on trend, which is possibly the reason why we shop there when looking for something instant and also disposable. They have an act for giving the fast moving high street fashion consumers, what they want. 
One of my style resolutions for the new year was to spend less money on fast fashion. I mentioned that, you don’t have to spend a hefty penny everyday on you clothes and everyone doesn’t have disposable income but, it will fall apart. Think about it, the amount of money you waste building a one-time wear wardrobe you can invest in something that will last more than one wash. Every now-and-then is fine, are my thoughts when it come to Zara. I have noticed that the quality isn’t as good anymore and the prices have gone up for an article of clothing or pair of shoes that can easily be pegged as a designer knock-off. 

If you’d told me that this campaign shoot or the spring look book specifically, was Céline then I probably would have different thoughts, nodded in agreement and said something like, “So chic,” in an effortless fashion. 

Because I know that it is Zara and most certainly not Céline, I would probably just nod in agreement to your statement of “This is amazing,” and being that every look featured in the campaigns or look books are pieces that we feel as though we have to buy or should be wearing for the upcoming season, both secretly wanting to give into our guilty pleasure also known as the digital shopping cart. But, should we all acknowledge that we’re indulging in the adventure of copyright? 

Zara S/S’14 Campaign photos via Fashionising
Does anyone else feel like a poster child for copyright and feel guilty when purchasing or wearing clothing from Zara instead of investing in the real thing? 
Thoughts? Tell me everything, leave nothing out.
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