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Protagonist – Collection NO.2

Posted on April 22nd 2014 by

Designer Kate Wendelborn is building the Protagonist brand with the idea of evolution in mind. Creating garments that are essential to woman’s wardrobes and can be worn in an elevated or casual way, whilst injecting them into your existing wardrobe. Starting with one idea and seeing where to go with it next during the design process, is the methodical creativity that goes into each effortless looking piece. Sculptural silhouettes that appear to be elemental and yet they’re versatile and made of the highest quality materials. The label’s spring 2014 collection is an evolution of what was done the first season, and it’s not overly complicated nor trendy.  
The color scheme has lightened up for spring while retaining the neutral hues that, when combined with unadorned shapes and pure lines, give Protagonist pieces a timeless versatility. From creamy ivories and crisp whites to classic black, the tones of blue go from something pretty bright with stripes, to something a bit more subdued and then go to navy. 

One of the new elements that was added this season was a bustier, but nothing push-up or reminiscent of lingerie. It’s a strapless piece and it has an under structure but able to work in many different situations-with jeans and heels or jeans and flats even, and then trousers on a more elegant occasion. Looking forward, Wendelborn plans to continue expanding Protagonist into new categories, including skirts, trousers, and knitwear. The label will remain rooted in a studio-based practice of complex ideas into refined silhouettes: modern essentials. 

Photos via The Line

Believe it or not, a lot of woman are craving something more simple now than ever before. Currently being in my early twenties I’ve too found myself looking for pieces that are more mature, well-made, and refined but not stuck-up. The Protagonist offers the chicest subtle assortment of minimalist tailored tops for all of your sartorial needs.

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