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Follain — Healthy, Wholesome, and Sound

Posted on July 28th 2014 by

If you haven’t visited a Follain shop yet, then you’re seriously missing out in the beauty and health department. Follain is a healthy beauty store with locations in Boston and Nantucket. Gaelic for ‘healthy, wholesome, and sound’ Follain features a thoughtfully curated selection of skincare, hair care, and cosmetic products from over thirty made in the U.S brands. Carrying the highest-performing healthy beauty products available, a selection of liquid hand and body soap are also available for refill in-stores, as Follain aims to remedy the immense plastic waste generated by bottles.

Back in 2009, when founder Tara Foley discovered the highly toxic chemicals in her treasured beauty products, made her really angry. Foley didn’t waste anytime researching skin-nutrition and all the ingredients, products, and brands that were a healthy fit. After working on an organic Lavender farm in France, she learned exactly how an ingredient comes to life. It wasn’t until Foley worked for a private label skincare manufacturer in Maine, and saw how ingredients were formulated and packaged to make beauty products; she documented everything on The Naturalchemyst blog. Which initially began as an outlet to share various experiences related to healthy beauty and healthy living. While in school to obtain an MBA, Foley utilized that time to meet and research multiple skincare brands, products, and professionals from across the country and world. After countless years of research, there still wasn’t a beauty store that specialized in healthy, effective, and sustainable products only. That’s how Follain was led to being created in 2013.

I visited the shop a few weeks back and couldn’t have been more thrilled to test out products, and finally indulge in the all-natural beauty experience. As soon as I walked in, it was like a hidden heaven stocked with the best products to help you meet your sartorial health and beauty goals. Basically, its much like a bathroom with a homely vibe that you never ever want to come out of. What sparked my interest even more than the sink was the fact that their was finally a shop that cared about my health and wellness just as much as I did. Which is hard to find and that’s what continues to drive Follain’s success, including the demand for the shops thoroughly curated products. The only one of it’s kind.

Within only a few visits, I’ve discovered my favorite products and list of others that I’d like to test out at some point in such a short period of time. The selection of cosmetic products, skincare, and hair care is just that damn good. Not too mention the price range is affordable, and you’re definitely getting your moneys worth for such high-quality assortment.

I started off with the Tammy Fender epi-peel, which is an extremely popular exfoliator and facial. Gently and efficiently the epi-peel removes dead skin cells, stimulates circulation, refines pores, and polishes the skin. After falling in love with that I tested out the SW Basics Exfoliant. It’s an excellent exfoliant for any skin type, but most popular amongst those who have sensitive or problematic skin. The organic oats, almonds, and mineral-rich sea salt leaves skin soft and glowing. This exfoliant is simple, nourishing, and effective. My skin gets really dry at times and my face looked balanced with the right amount of moisture with the first use. Maintaing a balanced complexion for anyone with two-toned skin like myself, I highly suggest the Farmaesthetics Sweet Milk & Lavender Exfoliant.

Other favorite cosmetic, skincare, and hair care products include:

Lulu Organics Lavender and Clary Sage hair powder that is organic, talc-free powder for hair on days of unwash or in my case, an attempt to preserve a blowout.

Ilia Lipstick made with organic ingredients and contemporary colors blended into a creamy semi-matte finish. Femme Fatale, a blend of berry and burgundy is my absolute favorite of the selection.

RGB Nail Polish is Cali-made and chip-resistant while looking high in shine. Whenever I get a Manicure or Pedicure I like to BYOP (bring your own polish). RGB is specifically five free, avoiding nasty chemicals often found in polishes like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor. Tropic (a rich rainforest green shade), Oxblood (a deep bordeaux red shade), and Steel (a industrial grey shade) are my favorites colors.

Beridan Naturals Simple Butter  is a moisturizer for all skin types, that has a similar consistency to lip balm but can be used anywhere that needs relief. It’s our Beauty Editor Kayla’s absolute favorite and she just bought it the other day.

Now, let me tell you that I could go on and on and on about how awesome this shop is but nothing beats the actual experience. Stop by if you live near either locations and indulge on-line if you don’t. When you do visit and get your hands on the soaps that you have the pleasure of testing out multiple times, (followed up with the Tammy Fender Cleansing Milk to lather your skin), you won’t want to leave. Oh, and that chic sink, gets me every single time.

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