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Beridan Naturals | Simple Butter

Posted on August 3rd 2014 by

As mentioned before, on my days off I like to K.I.S.S (keep is simple minus the stupid). The idea of being able to reach into my bag and grab one product that does multiple things makes me happy. While saving me money, from not losing all of the potential products I’d need to match this particular products’ various uses. That product is Simple Butter by Beridan Naturals.

This past weekend, strolling with Chloé lead us to Follain. I had been dying to visit considering all of the awesome things that she had said about it. I know we can all agree that in a lifetime we lose about a salaries worth of chapstick, and I had to break this habit. This is where the Simple Butter has saved me. This stuff really does look like butter, with texture of what I would compare to coconut oil. It’s a multi purpose balm and melts into your skin without much hassle. It’s solid but slightly oily and really absorbs into your skin and keeps it looking supple. It’s SO good, that right after I bought it and used it, my dog made a B line for my face when I got home and took a swift lick of it off of me (I hadn’t planned for that to happen, but he’s pretty quick). It smells like a magical mixture of vanilla, honey, and coconut (which probably explains Rocky’s infatuation). It’s in a cute jar that you can just swipe your finger in and work through your palms, where it then melts down a little and can be used as a lotion. It has definitely proven to be an everyday favorite now, and if I leave it at home I experience the same grief that I feel when I leave my sunglasses behind.

It has worked wonders on my dry skin, and the fact that I now have only one product to keep track of that replaces nearly all lotions/chapsticks is the most convenient thing ever. The essential ingredients include Sunflower oil, handcrafted local beeswax, coconut oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E, cedarwood essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, and vanilla essential oil. I have found that it is great for after shaving your legs, or for dry skin after being in the sun. It’s dense enough to get those tough spots that just seem to never want moisture. It’s all natural and affordable, you get 2oz for 14 bucks and it goes along way. An overall great buy! Thanks to Follain, a new favorite has been added to my arsenal. 

– Written by Kayla Mayhew

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