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On-The-Go Beauty During Fashion Month

Posted on September 11th 2014 by

There’re tricks to staying and feeling sane during this month of fashion. With September, along comes a jam packed schedule of running to castings, jobs, and events — where you have little to no time to keep up with your daily skin care (or any other normal) routine. This is also the time of year you don’t see your booker at all, but only hear from them all day via text or e-mail. All personal relationships are thrown out the door because everyone means business. It’s fashion month. Here’s a short list of things that are in my bag during September that help me make it through this fast paced time of year.

1.) I like to use a mixture of two different products for makeup removers (for all of the crazy makeup changes) Bioderma Micelle Solution is great product for cleansing, removing makeup, and freshening up the skin fast. (K Dia taught me) I use that after I wipe and remove all of the tougher makeup with Ole Henriksen Brightening Vitamin C wipes. Skin is refreshed, and ready for round 2 of makeup (or even round 5, if it’s that type of day)

2.) For early morning call times or early morning anything, I start my day with the Kiehls Facial Fuel Eye De-puffer. It’s a great little stick of wonder that really deflates puffy eyes and works on dark circles too.
3.) Here is a general tip for all during this time: BANDAIDS. Breaking in really nice new shoes is ALWAYS a good idea, but this time of year requires walking, and blisters suck.  Even wearing some cool sneakers for walking between shows or meetings is great (thank me later).
4.) An awesome skin saver at night for me Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Wear overnight and wake up glowing? Perfect.
5.) Sunglasses to cover up during the day, if you are running to hair and makeup with a bare face or if you just need to protect from the 90 degree intense sunshine of September. Mine are by Celine, and I plan to have them for forever.
6.) Make sure you carry a charger for your bloody phone! You cannot get stuck without a way to capture all of the #FW madness. Not cool. So pack a charger, and I keep headphones to zone out too, its necessary sometimes.
7.) BB cream by Boscia is awesome for transitioning your skin from day to night, where it keeps your skin healthy through all of the sweat and dirt of the day. You can add a chic cat eye and your favorite lip color and you’re set for a party at night. ­
General tips for this time of year: Nude undergarments will save your life, packing snacks is just smart, carrying a mini of your favorite scent is also just smart, hair ties are essential, DRINK WATER — that’s it, and lastly your favorite lipstick will get you very far this busy time of year.
– Written by Kayla Mayhew 
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